Top Most Expensive Colleges in the World

1. Amherst College, Massachusetts – $50,500

Amherst is among the few colleges with this list that ranks higher with regards to educational quality than it does with regards to cost. Among liberal arts colleges, U.S. News and World Reports ranked Amherst College second in the nation, ninth out of colleges and universities in the country.

2. Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Massachusetts – $50,200

A division of the larger Bard College in New York, this four-year residential liberal arts college is what’s known as an ‘early college’–students enroll after 10th or 11th grades, as opposed to after their senior year of high school. It absolutely was the very first school ever to achieve this and remains the only person that pursues this policy with every single one of its students. The school’s educational system is highly rated–beyond the conventional ‘college rankings,’ investigators who looked over the school’s academic techniques and the achievement of its students rated it on par with all the Ivy League schools–which, interestingly, aren’t among the most expensive colleges in the world.