Top Interesting Facts About Education System In India

1. Absent teachers

Government funded schools are experiencing the chronic problem of shortfall of teachers. Top Interesting Facts About Education System In India. In several villages and small towns across the country, an individual teacher is forced to perform a whole school. Corruption has also enabled many teachers to remain absent from schools and collect salary for exactly the same with impunity.

2. Employability of Indian graduates

The sad state of affairs of the higher educational system in India could be gauged by the fact that only one out of ten students holding a diploma in Humanities are employable while only one out of four Engineering graduates are capable of employment.

3. Digital literacy

Digital literacy has become essential in the present day world. The present digital literacy rate in the united kingdom is simply 15%. Government of India has launched the Digital India campaign which also aims to boost the digital literacy rate to 50% next three years.



Top Interesting Facts About 26th January Republic Day of India

1. Purna Swaraj Day

The 26th January, Republic Day, was once celebrated whilst the Purna Swaraj Day or the Independence Day before the independence.Top Interesting Facts About 26th January Republic Day of India. This is your day when in 1930 when congress and the whole India made a decision to fight for total independence and since then it had been celebrated whilst the Independence Day.

2. Amar Jyoti

On the afternoon of Republic Day Celebration, Prime Minister puts the wreath in the Amar Jyoti in India Gate. This is performed to cover the respect and thankfulness to all or any the martyrs of the country who gave up their life so that we can live peacefully, independently and happily.